Light and Efficient Insulator Developed by Empa and Fixit

Light and Efficient Insulator Developed by Empa and Fixit

Empa and the Swiss render manufacturer Fixit AG together developed a new Aerogel-based plaster that provides twice the insulation of currently used insulating renders. The Aerogel-based plaster is based on a technique used in the 1960’s to insulate space suits.

In order to make the render “machine-compatible”, knowledge about the contents of dry render mixtures and their interactions with aerogel was required. In a series of tests  researchers at Empa and Fixit found a solution, which they now want to have patented. The samples of the Aerogel-Render exhibited a heat conductivity of less than 30 mW/(m · K), which is twice as much insulation as the insulating render that is currently commercially available.

The newly developed Aerogel-Render is the most suitable way of maintaining the look of an old house. “An inner lining of insulating render is considerably quicker to apply”, says Empa building physicist Thomas Stahl. “The render also lies directly on the brickwork and does not leave gaps where moisture could condense. If the innovation asserts itself on the market, house owners will soon see a considerable reduction in fuel consumption.

Media release in English.

Media release in Japanese.

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