Kyoto’s STS forum attracts Swiss high-level delegation

Sixteen Swiss participants arrived Saturday, October 1, 2016, in Kyoto to attend this year’s edition of the STS forum. Many of the participants were speakers in one of the sessions and discussed key issues of modern society – energy, water, life science, ICT.

Because the problems we face today are becoming increasingly complex against the backdrop of globalization and international competition, they are beyond the control of any single country. These issues are also beyond the control of the scientific community alone, because many of the problems will find solutions through changes in social systems, international collaboration, global networks, and the building of common rules. – from fundamental concept, STS forum

Already during the first session, two prime-ministers (Japan & Slovenia), and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister gave their opening statements. Japan’s Prime Minister Abe this time mostly discussed the img_1368meaning of “Society 5.0” as well as the bright future of robots in Japan.

The Swiss Delegation consisted of University Vice Presidents, Directors and Deputy Directors of Research Institutes, CSO’s, and Presidents of Swiss Academies – with 16 people, again a record-sized high-ler0011210vel delegation. The Swiss participants enjoyed the interesting discussions and speeches during the STS forum, as well as the many occasions to network with other researchers and policy makers from all over the world.

The time between the sessions was used by the participants from the SNSF, as well as Leading House ETH Zurich and Associated Leading House University of Zurich, to discuss the ongoing bilateral programs.

The S&T Office Tokyo organized a side-visit for the delegation: After a 90min visit of the Suntory World Research Center, the high-level visitors r0011239 enjoyed the view of Unesco World Heritage site “Byodoin” Temple  in Uji, a, as well as a traditional tea producer.

The Ambassador of Switzerland to Japan, Mr. Jean-François Paroz, welcomed all the Swiss participants  at his residence in Tokyo where the networking with the Japanese counterparts continued.

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