Keio University’s S&T: 75 year anniversary

Keio University’s Faculty of Science & Technology: 75th Anniversary

On June 14, 2014 the Faculty of Science & Technology of Keio University celebrated its 75th anniversary  with a big party at its Hiyoshi Campus. image

The room was packed full with guests when the mixed choir started to sing the traditional Keio Song. The Dean of the celebrating faculty, Prof. Aoyama, then gave the opening speech, followed by speeches by Keio’s President Prof. Seikei, the dean of the faculty of Science from Waseda University, as well as alumni and guests from abroad.

Keio University’s S&T Faculty goes back to the Fujiwara Institute of Technology that was donated to Keio University in 1944 to become the Faculty of Engineering. A descendent of the Fujiwara Family joined the ceremony and gave a speech. After a movie showing the S&T Faculty’s history, two students from the university gave moving speeches on their student life as well as their future plans.

Switzerland is proud to have strong ties with Keio University expressed through partner agreements with four universities: ETH Zurich, as well as, Universities of Bern,  Geneva and St. Gallen (HSG). Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Daniel Citterio, Professor at Keio University and head of the ETH Zurich Japan Alumni Chapter, is a Swiss citizen and a graduate from ETH Zurich.


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