Joint Annual Report 2015:

swissnexasiaThe Swiss Science Counsellors in China, Japan and Korea, who have been working closer together throughout the year 2015, decided to create a joint online annual report to highlight their collaborative activities. The outcome: the first swissnex Asia Annual Report that emphasizes all the connections established through events between Switzerland and the three NorthEast Asian countries, China, Japan & Korea. Please enjoy the wiggly nodes, each representing a joint or individual project.

Mr. Jonas Racine
Jonas Racine, intern at the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, is the mastermind behind the slick design and program.

Q: How did you come up with the graphics?
A: I wanted something clean and somehow radical, or minimal. The idea to use a wiggly graph came from Matthias (Frey, Head of the S&T Office Tokyo) so that was the direction. We had to figure out how to put information in this graph. We were first using the colors of the flags (of the three countries) but as the design progressed, I felt that I wanted something minimal. The fact that not all the information is visible at first glance will hopefully entice people to play around with it.

Q: What was the most challenging part of the project?
A: Building a website around such a wiggly graph is not usual, thus the most interesting part was to come up with a pleasant user interface to convey the information we wanted to spread. To this effect, I hope users find it interesting to switch to the Swiss map and see that various parts of Switzerland benefits from the Asian activities.

If you would like to ask your own question to Mr. Racine, please contact the Science and Technology Office Tokyo:

Thank you, Jonas for the great work!

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