Japanese SoftBank invests in Israeli firm Cybereason

Japanese telecom giant SoftBank is securing its international expansion through new foreign investments. This week, it led a $59 million Series C funding round in Israeli security firm Cybereason.

Founded by former members of the Israeli army cybersquad, Cybereason provides its clients with a comprehensive security platform that automatically generates reports in a clear, visual way. As a customer, SoftBank was convinced enough to decide to invest in Cybereason. Along with the investment, SoftBank will also become the Israeli firm’s distributor in Japan and help it set up an office in the country.

The deal is reminiscent of the partnership between SoftBank and Dropbox that was nikeshannounced this spring, through which SoftBank became the primary reseller of Dropbox Business products in Japan. Cases like these show not only how crucial it is for foreign companies to sell through a partner in Japan, but also how beneficial it can be for Japanese corporations and investors to venture beyond the domestic market.

SoftBank’s bid for international expansion is incarnated by Nikesh Arora, who left Google in 2014 to become head of the corporation’s investment arm. He subsequently became President and Chief Operating Officer. Under his supervision, SoftBank funneled $1 billion in Indian startups in the last year alone. It also invested $1 billion in Korean e-commerce company Coupang, as well as substantial sums in other e-commerce and taxi startups across Asia.

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