Representative from Japan at Startup-Fair’s Asia Night in Zurich

Startupfair: Asia Night 2015 – Why Asia is fast becoming the best region to develop your startup

On Wednesday, July 1, 2015 Swissnex India organised the Asia night in collaboration with the Bluelion Stiftung as part of the “startupfair – the swiss startup convention” held the day after at Kaufleuten in Zurich. The fair attracted 1’700 visitors of which more than 60 also signed up for the Asia night.

Representatives of swissnex India and the S&T Offices in China, Korea and Japan advised startups about opportunities in the 4 countries and the available support they can receive.

After the very comprehensive speech by Prateek Khara (Head, Enterpreneurship & Innovation at Swissnex India), introducing the services the Swissnexes and S&T Offices in Asia offer, each country representative did a small pitch highlighting the specialities of his country – Matthias Frey on Japan, Christian Schneider on South Korea and Nektarios Palaskas on China.

Following the four short presentations, all visitors participated in an engaged discussion on  the merits and pitfalls of “going east”. The interest of the 60+ visitors was clearly audible, and many of the participants already had experience in one of the represented four countries. The discussions were then continued while enjoying the catered asian food provided by the host, Bluelion Stiftung.

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