Japan leading the Virtual Reality race

Is Japan prepared for Virtual Reality?


Where is VR now ? (Gartner Hype Cycle)

The FCCJ held on Thursday, October 20th an event on Japan’s position in the VR race and the possibility for Japan to be one of the world’s major actor in that domain. Indeed, with an expected 80 Billion dollar market by 2025, most of the big actors tend to see VR and AR as the next big technology. More than 50% of the VR market share will be taken by the entertainment sector, from video games to live events and video entertainment.

Japan can play a major role in VR

Japan possesses an impressive infrastructure of arcade game centers that can easily be used to implement cheap VR experiences available to anyone and everywhere in Japan. Furthermore regarding game contents: Japan is a major actor in the video game industry with a strong identity that can also be applied to VR games. Finally the VR industry present in Japan, such as Sony, or Bandai Namco  are already strong now, and will definitely be a leader also in the future.


We are looking forward to seeing more VR related products – hardware and software – coming out from Japan in the near future.

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