Switzerland leads the Global Innovation Index 2017

Global Innovation Index (source: WIPO)

Global Innovation Index (source: WIPO)

Compiled for the 10th time, the Global Innovation Index (GII) awards Switzerland the global top position among 130 economies for its innovation capabilities – the position it has been holding already for seven consecutive years! Sweden and the Netherlands follow, with Japan improving its position by two ranks and coming in 14th.

In the regional ranking,  Japan ranks third in the “South East Asia, East Asia and Oceania” region, behind Singapore (1st) and the Republic of Korea (2nd).

The ranking is dominated by 24 high-income economies among the top 25, with China ranked at 22nd being the only exception. Fifteen of the top ranked economies are in Europe. Meanwwhile, there is a strong group of economies among the developing countries performing better than their peers, such as India, Kenya, and Viet Nam.

Co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO, agency of the United Nations), the GII analyzes indicators including patent filings, education spending, etc. The indicators are grouped into seven areas, such as human capital and research, infrastructure, or market sophistication. The GII serves as an overview but also evaluation tool of progress on the state of innovation for a variety of stakeholders.

In another indicator on innovation announced recently by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Switzerland has also come in first – again, a position it has been retaining for several years. Measured were the areas economy, science, education, state and society in 35 countries. Switzerland reaches the top position in the economic area, ranks second in education and third both in science and society.

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