Increasing the number of Japanese exchange students to Switzerland

Study Abroad Fairs 2015 (part 2) 

In order to further promote Swiss Universities in Japan and to increase the student exchange between Switzerland and Japan, the Science & Technology Office Tokyo took part in the JASSO study abroad fair as well as at the fairs of Switzerland’s partners University of Tokyo and Keio University.

The University of Tokyo
Friday, June 5, 16:30-20:00 – Komaba Campus

IMG_7317As the University of Tokyo (Todai) is a partner university of several of Switzerland’s universities (ETHZ, EPFL, Uni of Geneva, University of Zurich), the S&T Office Tokyo again participated at this year’s study abroad fair held at the Komaba Campus near busy Shibuya. Ms. Carine Rongan, an ETH Zurich medical engineering student working on her master’s thesis at the top ranked university in Asia, as well as Ms. Yukiko Luginbuehl, a University of Zurich alumni, supported heavily the effort by providing advice to the prospective students. Almost 40 students visited the red Swiss booth during the five hour event; overall 330 students participated.

Keio University 
Tuesday, June 9, 16:30-20:00 – Hiyoshi Campus

IMG_6066Keio University is one of the top private universities of Japan and has exchange agreements with ETH Zurich, Universities of Bern, Geneva, St. Gallen and Zurich. Again, approximately 40 students were provided personal consulting. Some 30 students also attended the presentation given by Ms. Kyoko Suzuki, Deputy Head of the Science & Technology Office Tokyo. IMG_6074Here, Mr. Jonathan Folberth, another ETH Zurich student finishing his master’s thesis on manufacturing processes at Keio, as well as Ms. Nina Egger, academic trainee at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and University of Zurich alumni, provided strong support in promoting the Swiss higher education landscape. The two volunteers were also invited to give a brief introduction on Switzerland in Prof. Takuya Kobayashi’s class. Prof. Kobayashi, who received his PhD from the University of Neuchatel, teaches comparative cultures with a focus on Europe to students in the faculty of natural science and engineering.

JASSO Study Abroad Fair 
Saturday, June 28, 11:00-17:00 – Odaiba, Tokyo

Japan Student Services Organization, JASSO organized this annual event for the first time in the first half of the year (instead of in latter half). Almost 500 students visited the event,  R0004622the Swiss booth however created only minor interest despite the flashy red banners and we only informed about 25 visitors on studying in Switzerland. Recently returned University of Luzern exchange student (from Doshisha University in Kyoto) Ms. Haruki Takeda helped the S&T Office inform the students of the benefits of life and studies in Switzerland. Former University of Geneva exchange student Ms. Ayako Kato had her own booth at the entrance of the event where she talked about her experiences of studying in the Romandie.

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