Horizon 2020: the first participation of ZHAW

Horizon 2020: the first participation of ZHAW

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) receives 400’000 euros for a research project within the framework of the new EU program Horizon 2020.


The positive news from Brussels pleases the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, ZHAW – the project ProPAT submitted under the program Horizon 2020 was granted. The project’s aim is to improve the reliability and efficiency of industrial processes by real time control.

The ZHAW treats questions from the analytical chemistry in the EU project and judges the lastingness from ecological sight. The project is led by Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian of the Institute of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry of the ZHAW, moreover, the Institute of Environment and Natural Resources is involved. It is the first project within the framework of the EU program Horizon 2020 for ZHAW.

A total 16 partners in the project

ProPAT stands for “Robust and affordable process control technologies for improving standards and optimising industrial operations”. The research project ProPAT runs under the new conveyor program Horizon 2020 which supports the close co-operation of science, industry and public private partnerships (ppp). One of this ppp is SPIRE, which takes care of “Sustainable Process Industry through Rescource and Energy Efficiency”, explains the chemist Dr. Agnes Zoller of the institute of chemistry and biological chemistry (ICBC). She supports the acquisition of European projects in the institute and brings her research interests and competence in EU groups and research syndicates. ProPAT consists of 16 European partners – 9 public research organizations, 5 middle enterprises and 2 industrial partners. The whole coordination is being taken care by the Spanish enterprise Iris, “Innovacion i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible”. The whole volume of the project amounts to 5.9 million Euros within four years.

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