Heinrich Rohrer Medal

– Heinrich Rohrer Medal to Honor Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Achievements –

The Surface Science Society of Japan (SSSJ) initiated the Heinrich Rohrer Medal in order to celebrate the great achievements accomplished by one of the Nobel Laureates in 1986, Dr. Heinrich Rohrer. The Heinrich Rohrer Medal is composed of the Grand Medal and the Rising Medal. The Grand Medal goes to researchers who have made distinguished achievements in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology based on surface science. The Rising Medal goes to researchers younger than 37 years old who have made outstanding results and are expected to continue to play active roles in the field. The Medal is awarded every third year, in the year of the International Symposium on Surface Science (ISSS) organized by the Surface Science Society of Japan (SSSJ). The Medal is awarded in collaboration with Ms. Rohrer, the Embassy of Switzerland and IBM Research.

The call for the candidates’ nominations and donations will be open from December 2013 until February 2014. In July 2014 the winners will be announced and in November 2014 the Award Ceremony will take place, also featuring commemorative lectures held by the winners at ISSS-7. For more details please visit the homepage of the SSSJ.

The SSSJ held a special “Heinrich Rohrer Commemorating” Session at its annual gathering on Tuesday, November 26. Several Japanese researchers who were collaborating and inspired by Dr. Rohrer gave personal lectures with a focus not only on their scientific achievements, but also on their personal relationship with Dr. Rohrer. The Embassy of Switzerland endorsed the the newly established Heinrich Rohrer Medal and announced their support.

Dr. Rohrer visited Japan more than 60 times and played important roles as a member of various kinds of advisory or reviewing boards and steering committees of many organizations and research groups, and also delivered a huge number of lectures and talks in conferences, universities, and at research institutes in Japan. Dr. Rohrer strongly promoted not only research on scanning probe microscopy, which was his achievement that lead to the Nobel Prize, but also research in wider areas of nanoscience and nanotechnology. The Heinrich Rohrer Medal is, however, not only to encourage Japanese researchers, but is aiming at promoting activities in the international community for global progress of research. Therefore, the Heinrich Rohrer Medal awarding committee is collaborating with societies and research institutes in many countries.

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