University of Lausanne and Hitotsubashi University sign Exchange Agreement

Lausanne University’s Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) has signed a partnership with Hitotsubashi University of Tokyo, as a first exchange agreement with a Japanese institution. HEC is now listed as a partner for Hitotsubashi’s ‘Global Leaders Program‘ (GLP, Faculty of Economics) and their ‘Shibusawa Scholar Program‘ (Faculty of Commerce and Management), two challenging and innovative programs which annually select 15 students each, based on the applicant’s language proficiency in Japanese and English as well as on his or her knowledge in economics and management. They aim at fostering the students’ global leadership skills by classes taught in both languages and include the possibility to study abroad for one year.


In return, undergraduate students from HEC’s Bachelor in Management and Economics can apply for an exchange semester at Hitotsubashi, which enables them to study in Tokyo, one of the world’s main financial markets.



The new partnership between a Swiss and a Japanese University is without any doubt a great piece of news to start the new year! (Pictures:©UNIL)

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