FuturICT Symposium, July 16, 2013

FuturICT Symposium, July 16, 2013

The FuturICT Symposium, jointly organized by ETH Zurich and the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, was held on July 16 at the Residence of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan. The main purpose of the symposium was to intensify the collaboration and to set a joint global research agenda to address and discuss the main challenges faced by our society in the real  of the new internet and communication technology era.

The ultimate goal of the FuturICT project is to understand and manage complex, global, socially interactive systems, with a focus on sustainability and resilience.

The agenda was centered around the captivating talks given by the four speakers, Prof. Dirk Helbing, Dr. William Saito, Prof. Tetsuya Sato and Dr. Cyrille Artho. The presentations touched upon various aspects of ICT, Complexity Science and Social Sciences, with the main drive of creating a paradigm shift, and facilitating the co-evolution of ICT and society.

Prof. Helbing introduced his concept “Economics 2.0”, a self-regulating, participatory market society to counter complexity and extreme events. Dr. Saito followed with his vision of innovation and entrepreneurship, the keys to find solutions to the big challenges awaiting our society, and especially Japan. Prof. Sato introduced the concept of simulationics, as a new bottom-up approach to help bringing changes in a defined society. The last part was dedicated to software in the cloud, their present challenges, opportunities and how should education and development be shaped, as highlighted by Dr. Artho.

A Q&A session allowed the audience to further deepen their insight in the FuturICT. A cocktail riche followed, where audience and speakers met, exchanged views and opinions, and valuable contacts were made.

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