First Kyoto Swiss Alumni Symposium!

The first Swiss Alumni Symposium in Kyoto organized by Yuta Daigi (UZH)and Aurelio Cortese (EPFL) was a great success. The symposium took place in the beautiful “Yoshida Izumidono” building next to the Kyoto University campus.Yoshida Izumidono garden

The theme of the symposium was “studying in/about/with Switzerland & Japan”. The goal was to celebrate the new agreement between the law faculties of Doshisha University and University of Zürich and also to commemorate the growing exchange of students,  researchers and academic knowledge between both countries.
The speakers came from different backgrounds offering therefore a broad perspective on the academic relations between Japan and Switzerland such as the presentation of Prof. Dr. Xavier Défago who introduced his perspective on the evolution of Japanese Academia, or the thorough explanation about cross-border marriage by Prof. Mao Ueamatsu from Ritsumeikan University School of Law. panoramic_1st_kyoto_swiss_alumni_symposiumThe participants also had the pleasure to learn from Prof. Dr. Hans Bjarne Thomsen from the University of Zürich who presented his project on unveiling art objects from Japan and other Asian countries that are stored in museums’ basements by linking them to the person who donated them to the museums and therefore tracing back the donor and doing a historical research to better understand and unveil the history behind those hidden treasures.

The presentations and discussions were followed by a simple networking reception with Swiss Cheese and Wine.

We hope that this event will be the start of a long-lasting series! Arigatou to the organisers!

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