ETH Zurich Climbs Up World University Ranking

ETH Zurich Scores No 20 in Shanghai Ranking
to Become Highest Non-English-Speaking University

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University’s Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai Ranking) is one of three main ranking lists used to compare higher education institutions worldwide. The Shanghai Ranking evaluates the world top 500 universities annually, concentrating on scientific research and academic performance.

Since the first ranking was published in 2003, the most prestigious American universities divide among themselves the lion’s share, with Harvard University in sole lead. In 2013 Stanford University ranked 2nd and University of California, Berkeley, climbed the 3rd position. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scored 4th place, followed by the British University of Cambridge.

The ETH Zurich, climbed up 3 positions compared to the ranking in the previous year, now holding the 20th position. According to this rating the ETH Zurich is the best higher education institution outside of English-speaking countries.

Six other Swiss universities are included in the Shanghai ranking. The University of Zurich is ranked 60th (-1 compared to 2012), the University of Geneva 69th (=), and the University of Basel 83rd (+2). The EPF Lausanne is positioned between 101st and 150th place (=), the University of Bern between 151st and 200th place (=), and the University of Lausanne between the 201st and 300th place (=).

Changes in the Shanghai Ranking of Swiss Universities 2010 - 2013

Changes in the Shanghai Ranking of Swiss Universities 2010 – 2013

For more information about the academic rankings of  world universities please follow this link.

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