ETH Spin-off Amphiro Helps Save Energy while Showering

ETH Spin-off Amphiro Helps Save Energy while Showering

The world’s first self-powered shower monitor helps users save an average of 23% of their thermal energy. ETH Zurich spin-off company Amphiro helps users reduce their carbon footprint by showing in real-time the hot water consumption.

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 6.56.35 PMTheir device, amphiro a1, is an innovative design component that perfectly integrates between the shower hose and the handheld shower head – compatible with showers of most countries! More than 7’000 units have been sold in Switzerland alone in the first three months after the product launch. A study has shown that the device yields average savings of 440 kWh of heat energy and 8’500 liters (2’250 gallons) of drinking water per year and household.

amphiro a1 does not require any batteries as it is powered by a small generator that harvests the energy for the display and electronic components directly from the water flow. As soon as water runs through the device, the display switches on and the smart shower meter starts measuring the water and energy consumption.

The device display shows the current water consumption, the water temperature, your energy consumption and the associated energy efficiency. Besides, a polar bear animation visualizes your energy consumption. The consumption can also be visualised on smart phones (android, iOS) and you can then challenge your family and friends in an energy saving contest.

Please help fund this great device’s further development on kickstarter and on indigogo!

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