ETH Big Band warming Hearts in Snow-Covered Japan

ETH Big Band warming Hearts in Snow-Covered Japan

The ETH Big Band landed during a snow-storm but managed immediately to warm the hearts of all the guests during their first performance at the Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown Lounge. Despite the ice-cold wind during the Swissdays performance in the Roppongi Arena, the ETH Big Band showed the audience again how groovy ETH Zurich can be. After a short rest the tour continued with a performance at Chiba University: The president of Chiba University opened the show and the ETH Big Band performed together with the impressive student band Chiba University Wind Orchestra.

The first appearance in the Kansai region was a joint-show with Kyoto University’s “Dark Blue New Sounds Orchestra”. The two bands impressed the audience even more when they performed together a popular Japanese song. At Osaka University the band received a special treat and were greeted by Osaka University’s “Ouendan” Cheering Group.

In the evening the Sextet of the ETH Big Band, in collaboration with singer Yumi Jacqueline Ito, performed a well-appreciated show during a Swiss pre-Valentine’s dinner at Swissotel Nankai in Osaka.

The band is now on the way to Sendai where they will meet Tohoku University’s “New Forest Jazz Orchestra”.

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