ETH Big Band successfully completed their Tour

ETH Big Band successfully completing their tour

The ETH Big Band successfully completed their Japan Tour 2014, playing 13 shows during their 10-day visit to Japan. The band traveled to Japan during the coldest season, enduring snow-storms and low temperatures, train-delays and cold venues.

The band played ended their tour with shows at Iwaki City (Fukushima Prefecture), Haneda Airport as well as ETH Zurich’s partner universities: University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Hosei University. During their tour, the ETH Big Band, together with guest-singer Yumi Jacqueline Ito, won the hearts of many students, professors and other listeners.

Their full tour was as follows:

  • ETH Big Band Zurich – Japan Tour – February 2014

Big_Band_Matinee_2013_0591The band will bridge the distance between Switzerland and Japan by playing for and with ETH Zurich’s many partner institutions from Tohoku through Tokyo and all the way to Kyoto and Osaka.

Performance dates and locations

Feb 8 (Sat) Oakwood Premium Residence, Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo (flyer)
Feb 9 (Sun) SWISSDAYS, Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo
Feb 10 (Mon) Chiba University, Nishi-Chiba campus, Chiba (flyer)
Feb 12 (Wed) Kyoto Education Culture Center, Kyoto
(with Kyoto University)
Feb 13 (Thu) Osaka University, Toyonaka Campus, Osaka (flyer)
Feb 13 (Thu) Swissotel Nankai, Osaka
Feb 14 (Fri) Tohoku University, Kawauchi Hagi Hall, Sendai (flyer)
Feb 15 (Sat) Iwaki Meisei University, Iwaki Fukushima (flyer)
(with Iwaki High School)
Feb 16 (Sun) Haneda Intl Airport, Edo Stage, Tokyo
Feb 17 (Mon) University of Tokyo, Seihoku Gallery Yayoi Kodo, Tokyo (flyer)
Feb 18 (Tue) Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo (flyer)
Feb 18 (Tue) Hosei University, Tokyo
The ETH Big Band after their last show at Hosei University.

The ETH Big Band after their last show at Hosei University.



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