EPFL – Awarded as Swiss champion for aluminium recycling

EPFL – Awarded as Swiss champion for aluminium recycling

EPFL Recycling winner

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Each summer the IGORA and Ferro Recycling awards an institution as champion for metals sorting. This year EPFL has been granted an award in this field: Its 14’000 employees spread across around 70 buildings made it possible! The 2nd prize went to a school in Schaffhausen that convinced a whole region to start collecting aluminium cans;  last but not least, in Sursee a family turned their own garden’s hut into a collection center for metals. Congratulations to all winners!

Recycling at EPFL in 2013:

Whereas the aim of EPFL is to clean out in space with the support of CleanSpace One(!), it still requires on the campus the team of thirteen janitors, who look after both the sorting and recycling of trash, as well as implementing initiatives designed to increase awareness of those who use these areas about environmental issues. This year, EPFL was rewarded for its good management in collecting no less than 1.3 tons of aluminium.

  • Household trash, called industrial urban waste: 642.4 tons – collected and recycled by the town of Lausanne (heating and electricity)
  • Computing materials: 52.5 tons
  • PET: 332.55 m3, 15 tons (estimate)
  • Special materials by-product of research work, treated according to the Ordinance on Movements of Waste: 193.5 tons
  • Toner tubes and ink cartridges: 4.1 T, recycled by an EPI
  • Neon lights: 14 m3, that’s almost 2.7 tons
  • Batteries: 0.7 tons
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