Eco-friendly Swiss Supercomputer Inaugurated

Eco-friendly Supercomputer Ready for Complex Research Questions

In March “Piz Daint”, the new supercomputer at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) in Lugano was officially inaugurated by Fritz Schiesser, the president of the ETH Board, Ralph Eichler, the president of ETH Zurich, with guests from research, politics and industry.

Piz Daint

Ralph Eichler, Thomas Schulthess and Fritz Schiesser
(c) CSCS

“Piz Daint” is currently the most powerful computer in Europe and the flagship of supercomputing in Switzerland. “Piz Daint” reaches a theoretical peak performance of 7.8 petaflops. With approximately 3.2 billion computer operations (3.2 gigaflops) per watt, the combination of graphics processing units (GPUs) and conventional central processor units (CPUs) makes “Piz Daint” one of the world’s most energy-efficient supercomputers in the petaflop performance class.

“Nowadays, research relies on tremendous computer capacity to make progress in an increasing number of fields”, says Fritz Schiesser in a press release by ETH News, “«Piz Daint» is Switzerland’s response to this challenge.” The combination of new software and hardware within the scope of the platform for High-Performance and High-Productivity Computing (HP2C) is therefore providing a powerful and energy-efficient system that enables researchers from various fields to pursue their scientific ambitions.

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