Dr. A. Curioni, Director of IBM Research Zürich @ SCCIJ Luncheon

Co-organized by the S&T Office Tokyo and the SCCIJ, Dr. Curioni, IBM Fellow and Director of IBM Research Zurich – IBM’s oldest research center outside the United States – gave a presentation for curious members of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, SCCIJ.

R0005499After introducing the origin of computing, from storing numbers and names, to actually computing things, Dr. Curioni explained the meaning and power of “cognitive computing” and the various uses of IBM’s cognitive platform “Watson“.

Watson made a big leap when “he” beat top players at a game of “Jeopardy“, being able to understand questions and come up with the answer faster than all other human-players. Watson is now being used by hospitals, wine-experts and children’s toys!

The interested audience greatly enjoyed the presentation and followed up with critical questions on cognitive computing and artificial intelligence that could eliminate jobs in the near future.

Dr. Curioni visited Japan in order to participate at the STS forum in Kyoto, together with a high-level delegation from Switzerland.

Article on the SCCIJ website.

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