Digital Content Expo 2014

From October 24 to 26 of this year, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation known as Miraikan hosted the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO 2014, organized by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Every year, the exhibition attracted a wide range of public, from families to investors. It brings together under one roof many of the cutting-edge technologies of the world, offering the public a glimpse into a futuristic society. The main topic this year was “Wearable Technology”, a logical step looking at recent year’s trends.

Among researchers and experts, students from Tokyo University showed an invention called AgIC Print that allows anyone with a printer to design an electronic circuit board, cheaply and without having to rely on in-depth technical knowledge.

Meanwhile Ishikawa Watanabe Lab. from the same University presented its rock-paper-scissors robot that has a 100% winning rate. A high-speed camera detects the opponent’s hand, and the robot hand immediately picks the winning shape. Researchers claim that this technology of high-speed movement detection could be use in the future to prevent car accidents.

Projects presented in the slideshow

MultiTaction is a multiuser interactive display that is able to accommodate an unlimited number of touches and users simultaneously.

Sawaka’s “Future blackboard project” changes ordinary blackboards into multimedia presentations; writing specific words or characters on it, trigger an animated projection.

Skeltonics-Alive by Skeltonics Inc. is a huge exoskeleton that mimics the user’s movements. The public was allowed to try it within the restricted area, the Skeltonics-Alive is capable of walking as well.

Wataru Yoshizaki (Robot OS developer of Asratec) and Kenji Ishida (robot inventor Brave Robotics) showed off their miniature prototype of a car that transforms into a robot. Takara Tomy, creator of the Transformers toy series, licensed the usage of its famous brandname to the robot.

Daisy’s Narikiri Showdown game uses Xbox’s Kinect technology and lets players destroy a virtual car by moving their bodies, recalling the Street Fighters video game.

For more details please check the homepage of the DIGITAL CONTENT EXPO.

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