Cybathlon featured in a japanese publication about robots & AI

Prof. Shuro Nakajima from Wakayama University recently published a book on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics: ROBOT – are they our enemies, or our friends?
In this publication, Prof. Nakajima describes the emergence of AI and robots, its rapid evolution, and highlights Japan’s excellence in these fields.

The author mentions recent “cyborgization” in society with the “fusion of machine and body”, and explains that this “fusion” can become great physical support to people with disabilities, by helping them evolve in their everyday environment.
As an example, Prof. Nakajima refers to Cybathlon, the Swiss-made international competition for racing pilots with disabilities, who use advanced assisting technologies to compete against each other while completing daily tasks.
Prof. Nakajima took part with his team in the 2016 edition of Cybathlon and was awarded an amazing 4th place.

The book also touches upon the delicate question of ethics and the “infiltration” of robots in our work and daily life, and comments on the use of AI technology, notably in the fields of services, care, security and entertainment.

More information on the book here (in japanese).

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