Cybathlon 2016: Wakayama University’s RT-Movers most successful Japanese Team

World’s first Cybathlon took place last weekend, on October 8, in Zurich; 3 Japanese teams were present; they competed in 4 disciplines and were cheered on by an enthusiastic crowd and a group of supporters!

img_0736Cybathlon is an international competition for individuals with physical disabilities assisted by latest technologies including robotics and biomechatronics.

66 teams from 25 countries competed in 6 disciplines; 6500 spectators enjoyed the perfectly organized high-tech show initiated by Prof. Robert Riener and organized by ETH Zurich.

img_0737Three teams from Japan traveled all the way to Zurich to compete at world’s first Cybathlon: Meltin MMI, RT-Movers (Wakayama University) and Xiborg; detailed program and team introduction can be found here. The three teams competed in the following four (out of six) disciplines: Powered Arm Prosthesis, Powered Leg Prosthesis, Powered Wheelchair and FES Bike races.

img_0745Prof. Nakamura from Wakayama University and pilot Tomoyo Ito – former Paralympic Gold Medalist – were the most successful Japanese team of the day. In the category Powered Wheelchair they reached the finals and mastered all of the obstacles and reached rank 4! Congratulations!!!

Meltin MMI reached 8th and 9th place, and Xiborg 12th.

All three Japanese teams were introduced at the Cybathlon Pep Rally Event held in June 2016 in Tokyo:

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