CTI President Visits NIMS, Gives Presentation at Industry-Academia Workshop

CTI President Visits NIMS, Gives Presentation at Industry-Academia Workshop

The Swiss Committee for Technology and Innovation (CTI) President Walter Steinlin extended his official stay in Japan, where he visited as a member of the delegation of Federal Counsillor Johan Schneider-Ammann, for one full day to meet with his counterparts and potential partners.

During the morning, Mr. Steinlin visited the National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) to meet with Executive Vice President, Dr. Junichi Sone. He also received lab tours to see advancements in energy related research at NIMS, namely research on thermoelectric materials, dye-sensitized solar cells and superconducting wires for future energy applications.

In the afternoon, Mr. Steinlin gave a presentation on Switzerland’s efforts to promote academia-industry collaboration in a globalized world. He was the special guest of the “Academia – Industry Collaboration: Current Situation and Future Plans in a Globalized World” workshop organized in cooperation with Elsevier Japan.IMG_4863 (Small)

His co-speakers were Dr. Michiharu Nakamura, President of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Prof. Dr. Yoshinao Mishima, President of Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Dr. Anders Karlsson, Vice President responsible for Global Academic Relations at Elsevier.

The small group of audience consisted of high-level industry experts, academia executives and government officials, making the question and answer session as well as the networking session following the presentation most interesting.

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