CSEM introduces white solar panels

Revolution not innovation:
CSEM releases white solar panels

Until now, solar energy has been associated with blue-black photovoltaic panels that cover buildings and devices with a monotone hue. The appearance is visually unappealing and this has hindered the acceptance of photovoltaics by built-environment professionals.

Dr. Laure-Emmanuelle Perret unveils the new white panels

Dr. Laure-Emmanuelle Perret unveils the new white panels

The situation with solar panels was similar to the Ford Model-T: “Customers can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.”, mentioned the CEO of CSEM, Dr. Mario El-Khoury, however, this has now changed with CSEM’s introduction of the “revolutionary” panels that can have any color, including white.

At a well attended press event at the headquarters of CSEM in Neuchâtel, the Section  Head of the PV Center, Dr. Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi presented the new panels that come in many different colors and surface structures.


Mario El-Khoury (CEO, CSEM), Laure-Emmanuelle Perret (PV Center Section Head), Olivier Arni (Neuchatel Ville)

This is a game-changer, as architects can now seamlessly integrate the panels in any building.

White is a particularly interesting color as it is widely used for its elegance, versatility, and fresh look. Despite this demand, no one has been able to realize a truly white solar module. In fact, most believed that it was inconceivable because most of the light is reflected, precisely contrary to solar panel requirements.

We hope to soon see these colorful panels on the market in Japan, too!

Press release CSEM

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