Congratulations to the Japanese Physics Olympians!

Last weekend, at the International Physics Olympiad, or IphO, three gold medals were awarded to Japanese high school students! Students from Japan also secured one silver and one bronze in the 47th IphO held at the University of Zurich. The one week long event ran through Sunday.

The gold-medal winners from Japan (Photo: C. Appenzeller)

The gold-medal winners from Japan (Photo: C. Appenzeller)

The gold winners from Japan are Akihiro Watanabe, 17, of Todaiji Gakuen High School in Nara Prefecture; Satoshi Yoshida, 17, of Osaka Seiko Gakuin High School in Osaka Prefecture; and Kota Fukuzawa, 17, of High School at Komaba, Tsukuba University, in Tokyo.

Most successful Swiss participant was Markus Köhler (Kantonsschule Heerbrugg) who was awarded the Bronze medal.

The about 400 juveniles (375 young men, 24 women) from 84 participating countries were tested in experimental and theoretical physics with exams of 5 hours each! Thomas Uehlinger, Head of the academic committee and former participant at an IPhO, knows how challenging this years problem-sets were: «We didn’t just want to challenge the young physics-talents, but we wanted to really inspire and motivate them.”

Prof. Michael Hengartner, Rector of the organising University of Zurich was highly satisfied with this year’s event: “I’m very happy and proud that the University of Zurich as host of this major international event organised it so successfully. That is the best advertisement for our institution in almost 90 countries of this world!”

To further inspire the participants and also attract more young talents to the University of Zurich, the Physics Department released a well-designed brochure “Shoot for the Stars – Study Physics at UZH”.

Final Ranking:

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