Congratulations, Prof. Citterio!

Congratulations, Professor Citterio!

On Thursday, June 19, 2014, Prof. Dr. Daniel Citterio gave his inaugural address at Keio University where he became full professor at the Department of Applied Chemistry in April of this year.

Prof. Dr. Citterio, a graduate from ETH Zurich, devoted his research to the development of chemical sensors with focus on multi-analyte sensing systems for industrial, medical, environmental and biological applications.
IMG_4708Daniel Citterio graduated from ETH Zurich, where he met Visiting Professor Suzuki from Keio University. Through this contact, and with a scholarship from JSPS, he then did his ostdoctoral research at Keio University und the guidance of Prof. Suzuki. Six years after his Postdoc research Dr. Citterio returned to Keio University as an Associate Professor in 2006.

In his impressive inaugural lecture – held in Japanese – Prof. Citterio elaborated on his background and described his current research, using cheap inkjet printers and paper to make chemical sensors.

IMG_4717We congratulate Prof. Citterio for his new position and thank him for all his work he did for the relations between Switzerland and Japan, as well as for the ETH Zurich Alumni in Japan.


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