Change of constitution: SCCIJ to support exchange programs

Good news for Swiss students and graduates planning to come to Japan in the near future: The Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan SCCIJ will now be able to support educational exchange between Switzerland and Japan!

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 1.08.36 PMThe SCCIJ has changed its constitution at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on February 17 held in Tokyo. The AGM has amended the SCCIJ Constitution Article 2 Objectives subsection 2.1 in order to support educational exchange between Switzerland and Japan.


Photo: AGM 2016, (c) SCCIJ

The executive committee has argued that the chamber will profit from such educational exchange in two ways: In the future such motivated graduates with experiences in Japan will continue to act as bridge builders
between Switzerland and Japan and support the economy and the SCCIJ. Furthermore, the SCCIJ affiliated companies will be able to hire incoming interns, highly motivated and talented graduates from Switzerland who are looking for internships to deepen their understanding of Japan.

In a first step, the SCCIJ will financially support the scholarship provided by the sister-organization SJCC in Switzerland.

To further demonstrate the impact internships have on future experts in Japan, Mr. Fabien Clerc, Director Japan of Switzerland Tourism, former SJCC scholarship recipient, exchange student and now member of the Executive Board of the SCCIJ gave a strong supporting statement. Mr. Luca Orduna, now Managing Director of SwissPrimeBrands in Japan and former SJCC scholarship recipient further emphasized the importance  of this ongoing exchange program.

We are happy that this change in the constitution will lead to an increased exchange between our two countries!

Detailed report of the SCCIJ AGM.

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