Looking back at the second round of “Swiss’ Experiences”

Swiss’ Experiences, Mr. Nicolas Savary

Swiss’ Experiences, Mr. Nicolas Savary

The second round of the presentation and discussion series “Swiss’ Experiences: Thriving and Surviving in Japan” was successful completed this summer after another four very insightful presentations by Swiss speakers. Organized in collaboration between the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan SCCIJ, the series drew constantly high interest and participants with a wide range of personal or work-related connections to Switzerland.

The presentations offered a very personal account of the careers and lives of the speakers, their overall experience here in Japan: from their first steps and struggles, to success stories and advice. Every presentation was followed by a round of questions from the audience and, finally, the opportunity for informal networking with Swiss cheese and wine, sponsored by the S&T Office Tokyo.

For sharing their very own “Japan-story” and the effort they made in coming to Tokyo for the presentation, often from very far, we would like to thank the four speakers:

– Ms. Bettina Gnägi, Editorial Administrator, Edanz Group in Japan
– Mr. Luca Ordun͂a, Managing Director at SwissPrimeBrands in Japan
– Mr. Nicolas Savary, Managing Director, JAL Dutyfree
– Dr. Joelle Sambuc Bloise, General Manager of IT&IP Strategy

This second series was mainly organized by the SCCIJ, who also provided the event facilities. We would like to thank the SCCIJ, namely the President, Mr. Michael Mroczek and Executive Director, Ms. Liselotte Schneider for the fruitful and continuously good collaboration!

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Swiss’ Experiences, Ms. Bettina Gnägi

Swiss’ Experiences, Ms. Bettina Gnägi

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