Business Innovation Forum 2014

Abstract Both Switzerland and Japan consistently achieve the highest ratings in various indices of innovation, despite having limited natural resources. In fact, Switzerland was considered poor by international standards until the end of the 19th century while Japan only started to open up to Western science and technology around the same period. Although the two countries share similarities, they followed different routes and show fundamental differences in how the challenges of innovation, diversity and globalization are handled. What are the mechanisms of a successful government-academia-industry triangle? Are there any best practices in either country that could be applied in the other?

Program Opening 13:30

13:35 H.E. Johann Schneider-Ammann
Federal Councillor of Switzerland
Keynote: To Boldly Think
13:45 H.E. Kazuyoshi Akaba
State Minister of  Economy Trade and Industry (METI)
Welcome Address

Setting the Stage

13:55 Prof. Dr. Dominique Turpin President, IMD Japan: Competitiveness Landscape 2014 – In the light of the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook’s Results
[slides, addendum JP, addendum CH]

Stream One  Creating Innovation

14:10 Dr. Yuko Harayama
Executive Member, CSTI, Cabinet Office of Japan
Innovation Policy or Innovative Policy? [slides]
14:25 Mr. Walter Steinlin
President, CTI
Innovation Support in a Free Market [slides]
14:40 Prof. Dr. Junichi Sone
Executive Vice President, NIMS
Research and Innovation in Japan – Successful Cases at NIMS [slides]

Stream Two  The Private Sector View

15:15 Mr. Hans Hess
President, Swissmem
Skills Development – A Key Factor for Competitiveness [slides]
15:30 Dr. Masahiko Mori
President, DMG Mori-Seiki Co., Ltd.
Headquarters for Global Manufacturing
15:45 Mr. Daniel Küng
CEO, Switzerland Global Enterprise
Innovation and Globalization – The Swiss Perspective
16:00 Mr. Boris Collardi
CEO, Bank Julius Baer Group Ltd.
Re-inventing Private Banking [slides]

Panel Discussion  

16:15 Moderator:
Prof. Dr. Dominique Turpin,
 President, IMD
Mr. Boris Collardi, CEO, Bank Julius Baer Group Ltd.
Dr. Yuko Harayama, Executive Member, CSTI, CAO
Mr. Hans Hess, President, Swissmem
Mr. Marcel Pernici, Vice President, Feintool Japan
Mr. Walter Steinlin, President, CTI

Closing Remarks  

16:50 Dr. Matthias Frey, Head, Science & Technology Office Tokyo
Dr. Roger Zbinden,
 Head, Swiss Business Hub Japan

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Switzerland Global EnterpriseState Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation; SCCIJ; IMD

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