Business Innovation Forum 2014: High Level Speakers and 350 Registered Participants

Business Innovation Forum 2014:
High Level Speakers and 350 Registered Participants

In collaboration with the Swiss Business Hub, the Science & Technology Office Tokyo organized the first BIF_ScreenshotBusiness Innovation Forum, taking place at Roppongi Academyhills, during the visit of Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann and an economic delegation. 350 people from industry and academia, from Switzerland and Japan, signed up for the forum with high level speakers.

After the opening speeches by Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann and State Minister Akaba (METI), IMD’s president, Prof. Turpin, mapped out the fields of innovation, diversity, globalization and their relation to competitiveness.

BIF2014_FCJSA_2245The first stream of talks with Dr. Harayama (Executive Member, COI, Cabinet Office), Mr. Steinlin (President, CTI) and Prof. Sone (Exec. Vice President, NIMS) addressed the topic of fostering innovation by creating the right framework conditions, i.e. the right policies and research environments.

Stream two touched on the initiatives of the private sector in Switzerland and Japan. Mr. Hess (President, Swissmem), Dr. Mori (CEO, Mori Seiki), Mr. Küng (CEO, S-GE) and Mr. Collardi (CEO, Bank Julius Baer) discussed the industry’s point of view on fostering innovation.

The highlight of the forum may have been the panel discussion moderated by Prof. Turpin where the previous topics were touched on again and further elaborated. The forum was closed by the two main organizers, Dr. Zbinden (Head, Swiss Business Hub) and Dr. Frey (Head, Science & Technology Office) of the Embassy of Switzerland.

The 342 participants seemed highly satisfied with the event and also enjoyed Swiss wine at the networking reception.

The program can be viewed here: 

Photos: (c) Manami Nagata/ Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, 2014

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