Book launch event with ZHdK professor in the center of Tokyo

Book launch event with ZHdK professor in the center of Tokyo

L9999223A special exhibition by Marianne Mueller, Swiss photographer and dean of photography at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), was presented at VACANT, an art gallery in the center of Tokyo, as part of the launch of her new book “STAIRS ETC.”

The exhibition reflects Japanese spatiality and the character of man-made objects, both eastern and western, traditional and contemporary, private and public. By featuring vernacular items such as shoes, tatami mats, and chairs – and by including videos, sounds and photographs of architectural elements – Müller asks us to consider how objects define a place, and how in turn, a place can define an object.L9999219

The week-long exhibition was closed with a talk show between Prof. Mueller and Prof. Yuri Fujii of Waseda University, attended by a mixed crowd of interested artists, photographers and students.

For more information on Prof. Mueller’s new book with copious images of the designed and built world around us, please visit the publisher’s website:
Distributor for Edition Patrick Frey in Japan is Marginal Press.

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Prof. Marianne Mueller will give more presentations in Tokyo:

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