Award from the University of Bern for Japanese Researcher

-Award from the University of Bern for Japanese Researcher-

The Hans-Sigrist Award 2013 honors the research conducted in the area of stem cells in regenerative medicine. This year’s winner is Yoshiki Sasai (笹井 芳樹), Director of the Laboratory for Organogenesis and Neurogenesis at the research institute RIKEN in Kobe, Japan. Sasai focuses his research on developing new methods to grow stem cells into organ-like structures.

The Hans Sigrist Foundation at the University of Bern is dedicated to the promotion of scientific and academic research. The award was handed over to Sasai on December 6 at the Dies acadameicus worth 100’000 Swiss Francs to support his future research projects. So far the most astonishing achievement of Sasai is to successfully grow an artifical retina in 2012.


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