S&T Office Tokyo Annual Report 2015 is here!


The Science & Technology Office Tokyo Annual Report 2015 is now embedded in a Japanese technology – called the Miura Fold (Miura-ori)!

Miura ori Front)

The Miura Fold is a two-dimensional unfolding structure developed by a Japanese aerospace engineer, Prof. Dr. Koryo Miura, taking hints from traditional origami. It enables the smooth unfolding of satellites’ rigid solar panels in the Japanese space program as well as at NASA. In a smaller scale, our annual report opens like this:

Miura ori how to fold wo white

Highlights of the Annual Report 2015 include the “First Japanese-Swiss Joint Workshop on Aging, Health and Technology” in Tokyo, the well-visited Swiss Pavilion at Asia’s largest medical-technology related expo, MEDTEC Japan, and the “Workshop on Innovation Parks and Citizen Science” with high-level speakers after the STS forum taking place at the Swiss Ambassador’s Residence.

The design on the fold was created by Mr. Jonas Racine, Science & Technology Office Tokyo. Don’t forget to enjoy his selection of nice photos from Japan on the back side, too. You might see familiar faces or even yourself in one of them!


Last but not least, a great big thank you to all our stakeholders, partners, participants, colleagues and friends, including you the reader, for your continued support of our activities. The S&T Office Tokyo hopes to work with you even more in 2016!

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