Alumni Event in Tokyo: Prof. Jaffé discusses Children’s Rights

Friday, August 5, 2016
Prof. Jaffé from the University of Geneva gave a presentation hosted by Prof. Shin, an Alumni of HEID-University of Geneva, at Aoyama IMG_0774 1Gakuin University. Twenty Swiss University Alumni and other interested viewers participated at Prof. Jaffé’s captivating lecture and kept on discussing for more than 2 and a half hours!

Philip D. Jaffé is a full professor at the University of Geneva and the Director of the Centre for Children’s Rights Studies (Centre interfacultaire en droits de l’enfant, CIDE) based in Sion – the heart of the Swiss Alps – as he pointed out. This is the only campus of the University of Geneva that is not located in Geneva; four full-time professors are researching at the Sion campus in 4 different fields, and also closely collaborate  with an NGO.

Children’s rights in Japan and Switzerland:  Letting childhood mature in children.

IMG_0777 1During his lecture, Prof. Jaffé covered questions like “What is the situation regarding children’s rights in Japan?” or “How does it compare with children’s rights in Switzerland?” and explain the interdisciplinary tasks of the Center for Children’s Rights Studies, inaugurated in order to expand the University of Geneva’s strategic focus on human rights as an academic discipline.

He pointed out that poverty – even in highly developed countries like Switzerland or Japan –  still also affects children! In Japan, 15% of the population lives in poverty. Another shocking issue he pointed out was the child-suicide rate in both country that has not improved over the years, as well as sexual abuse of children.

The presentation ended with a personal reflection of Prof. Jaffé after IMG_0540traveling with his family in Japan; he pointed out that he didn’t see many children’s playgrounds and was wondering if Japanese children had enough time and space to just freely play.

The discussion continued during a simple networking reception, provided by the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan.

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