A Swiss-Japanese partnership to advance solutions in systems toxicology and safety assessment

(source: SBX Corp.)

(source: SBX Corp.)

Swiss company Douglas Connect GmbH, headquartered in Basel and Tokyo-based SBX Corp. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to advance solutions in systems toxicology and safety assessment. Under the agreement, the two parties will make their platforms compatible and combine resources in predictive toxicology and systems biology.

(source: Douglas Connect GmBH)

(source: Douglas Connect GmbH)

Douglas Connect GmbH manages collaborative research projects as both initiator and provider of services. SBX Corp. develops customized solutions on Garuda, a community-built platform which enables researchers to connect, discover and navigate through different applications, databases and services in biology and medicine. It offers the possibility for so-called “gadgets” (software packages) to perform specific data analysis. Through the collaboration, Douglas Connect’s OpenTox gadgets will be added to Garuda, allowing data from OpenTox to be accessed and analyzed through Garuda. The connection of both platforms will make multiple sources of toxicology data available for systems biology and bioinformatics applications.






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