7th Annual Event for the Swiss Universities’ Alumni & Friends Japan in Kansai

Upon invitation by the chapter heads Yuta Daigi and Aurelio Cortese as well as the Science & Technology Office Tokyo, eleven Swiss University alumni gathered in Kyoto for the 7th Swiss Universities’ Alumni & Friends Kansai event.

Meeting point was the main gate of Kitano Tenmangu Shrine – a well known place for its “Ume Hana Matsuri”, the plum blossom festival. The group of Swiss and Japanese former exchange students or graduates of one of the Swiss Universities enjoyed the colorful flowers, the beautiful gardens as well as the impressive architecture of the shrine itself.

After the cultural activity the whole group warmed themselves up at a Tempura restaurant in Kyoto’s Shijo district – discussing their ongoing contacts with Switzerland and their past experiences.
Thank you, Yuta and Aurelio for organizing another fun event in Kansai.

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