3rd Swiss Medtech Pavilion at MEDTEC Japan 2017

MEDTEC Japan group photoSwiss excellence in the medtech field was presented during 19-21 April, 2017 at MEDTEC Japan, Asia’s largest trade-show dedicated to the design and manufacturing of medical devices. The Swiss Medtech Pavilion at the expo featured laboratories and spin-offs from ETH Zurich and EPFL, as well as a public-private partnership and industry presenting technologies for medical equipment and healthcare solutions. The co-exhibitors, namely CSEM, BioAlps, Micronarc, BW-TEC, Micro Systems Technologies, Sulzer Mixpac,  VirtaMed, Cybathlon, ExoSuisse, TWIICE and Varileg, are mostly repeaters to the Pavilion as they enjoy additional attention under the Swiss umbrella at this event that is well-attended by serious professionals.

The Pavilion organized by the Science & Technology Office Tokyo of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan functions as an excellent platform to present and promote their activities, disseminate up-to-date information, foster networking and establish new partnerships. The Swiss Medtech Pavilion was one of only a handful of foreign country pavilions and its eye-catching exterior featuring a mountain panorama, as well as its welcoming chalet-style interior attracted a large number of visitors. Furthermore, the Pavilion had a special attraction this year: the paraplegic athlete Ms. Silke Pan demonstrated the usage of the exoskeleton TWIICE from EPFL live at the pavilion by climbing the stairs at the Pavilion and walking around the expo ground, which caught the attention of a big crowd of spectators. The team had participated in Cybathlon organized by ETH Zurich in October 2016.

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