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ZHdK visits Tokyo University of the Arts

Switzerland’s biggest art and design school, the Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK visited the Tokyo University of Arts (a.k.a. Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku or Tokyo Geidai). On initiative of a Japanese student at ZHdK, ZHdK’s Prof Ulrich Görlich and a … Continue reading

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Swiss TV excited about Japanese Robotics

Speaking of robots, everyone thinks first and foremost of Japan. No other country manufactures humanoid robots, and produces as many robots as Japan does. To research the impact robots will have on future economies and workforces, SwissTelevision’s Eco Program (SRF-Eco) sent … Continue reading

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Switzerland’s State Secretary for Education meets Japan’s Minister of S&T Policy

During the OECD Meeting held in South Korea’s Daejeon, Dr. Mauro Dell’Ambrogio, State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation discussed with Japan’s newly appointed Minister of State for Science & Technology Policy, Ms. Aiko Shimajiri, Japan’s 5th S&T Basic Plan. … Continue reading

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Creating a Japanese Elon Musk

Last month’s article discussed how the Silicon Valley firm 500 Startups is planning to address the lack of venture capital in Japan. They will do it the lean and dynamic, way, through small seed stage investments. This will help kickstart … Continue reading

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CH-JP Workshop on Innovation Parks and Citizen Science

The Swiss delegation to STS forum enjoyed an opportunity to exchange with counterparts at the CH-JP Workshop on “Innovation Parks” and “Citizen Science.” Approximately 30 participants from industry, government and academia joined the discussions on the two topics which are … Continue reading

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Japanese SoftBank invests in Israeli firm Cybereason

Japanese telecom giant SoftBank is securing its international expansion through new foreign investments. This week, it led a $59 million Series C funding round in Israeli security firm Cybereason. Founded by former members of the Israeli army cybersquad, Cybereason provides … Continue reading

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Dr. A. Curioni, Director of IBM Research Zürich @ SCCIJ Luncheon

Co-organized by the S&T Office Tokyo and the SCCIJ, Dr. Curioni, IBM Fellow and Director of IBM Research Zurich – IBM’s oldest research center outside the United States – gave a presentation for curious members of the Swiss Chamber of … Continue reading

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STS Forum 2015 in Kyoto & Side Visits with a Record-Size Swiss Delegation

This year’s edition of the STS forum, taking place early October in Kyoto, could boast with several highlights: Already during the first session, three prime-ministers (Japan, France, Sri Lanka), and the Russian Deputy Prime Minister gave their opening statements. Japan’s … Continue reading

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2015 Nobel: two Japanese laureates

Two Japanese scientists were awarded Nobel Prizes earlier this week. Takaaki Kajita shares the Physics Prize with Arthur B. McDonald, while Satoshi Ōmura, William C. Campbell and Youyou Tu share the Medicine Prize. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, … Continue reading

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Japan joins the race towards autonomous vehicles

When you think of robot cars, chances are you’ll come up with Google’s driverless car, which has made the news again and again. Yet Google is not the only one working on this technology. From car-makers to technology companies, a … Continue reading

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