100 years of research on rivers and lakes

eawag anniversary IVJune 18, 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the hydrobiological laboratory at Kastanienbaum (Lucerne), which now is a part of Eawag (Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology). It was in 1916 that the Lucerne Society for Natural Sciences opened the aquatic research center, which has by now become one of the world’s leading institutions in its field with more than 100 researchers from all over the world working there. The laboratory’s research mainly focuses on ecology, evolution and biogeochemistry.

eawag anniversary IIINot only the laboratory’s research is outstanding, also its educational section is fulfilling its mission. Countless teachers and students visit the Center for Ecology, Evolution and Biogeochemistry (CEEB) every year to learn more about hydrobiology, the lake, and its ecosystem.

eawag anniversary IThe anniversary was first celebrated with a special event for invited guests and then during the weekend of June 18/19 with an open house for the public. Despite the water not only being researched but also falling from the sky on one day, more than a thousand guests made use of the opportunity and joined the event. Happy birthday and all the best for the next century of outstanding research! (Pictures: eawag)

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